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> Looking to hire?

Take a look at our catalog to see the items we have available.

You can then submit a booking request here.

Please note: Any gear hired at less than 72 hours notice will incur a late fee of £1 per item.

Discounts and technical assistance are negotiable. Durham Student Organisations (DSOs) do not need to pay VAT on hires.

All our hires are COVID-19 secure, items will be quarantined on return and fully cleaned before returning out for hire.

For our terms and conditions of hire, click here.

> Organising an event at Aidan's?

Clubs & Societies of St Aidan's JCR can hire equipment at no charge.

If you are organising an event within St Aidan's JCR, please click here to submit an Event Tech Request Form.

Please note: If your event is in less than 2 weeks time, please send an urgent email to the Tech Chair ([email protected]).

> Need assistance?

If you are unsure of your requirements or need any further information please contact the Tech Chair, Myles Cooper 
([email protected])

St Aidan's College JCR - Technology Committee