Terms and Conditions

  1. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  2. Any costs due to loss, damage (normal wear and tear excluded), unauthorised modification or theft whilst under the responsibility of the hirer, who is fully responsible for the equipment on collection, must be payable on demand. Any occurrence of any damage, loss, etc. must be notified to the Hires Manager immediately on discovery.
  3. Equipment must be returned clean and without modification.
  4. Unauthorised repairs are not permitted.
  5. Equipment is only to be used on Durham University premises.
  6. All cables must be returned correctly, neatly coiled and PVC taped or secured using the velcro strap provided. A fine of up to £2 will be levied for each cable returned in an unsatisfactory condition.
  7. No guarantee is made for the availability of the equipment, and no compensation for consequential loss due to equipment unavailability will be provided.
  8. Equipment shall be returned to the Hires Manager in person within 15 minutes of the time agreed with the Hires Manager. It it the responsibility of the hirer to arrange such a time with the Hires Manager in advance. If this time cannot be met for any reason, the Hires Manager should be informed immediately, and alternative arrangements should be made, however this cannot be guaranteed.
  9. Equipment not returned by the specified time and date will be chargeable at full daily rates with a minimum charge of one full day.
  10. Equipment must be returned in person to either the Hires Manager or an appointed member of the Collingwood College JCR Technical Crew, at the relevant Collingwood JCR Technical store. Equipment returned not in person will be chargeable at a rate equivalent to an additional full day's hire.
  11. Collingwood College JCR reserves the right to cancel or refuse any hire without warning and without compensation. This right will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances.
  12. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that items are safe to use. A visual inspection should be performed before use. The equipment must also be installed and operated safely, in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications (which are available on request), at all times. The equipment must also be used in compliance with any relavant OFCOM/PMSE licences to minimise interferance (Fill out and both retain, and return a copy of this form, for radio mic use). It is the hirer's responsibility to risk assess any task and/or equipment use.
  13. The Hires Manager must be informed as soon as possible if equipment is to be used outdoors. Any questions regarding the safe use of an item should be referred to the Hires Manager.
  14. Payment is due strictly within 30 days of a VAT invoice being issued. An invoice will be issued upon the full return of the equipment. A fine of the hire cost or £10, whichever is the lower, will be levied for late payment.

Collingwood College JCR is not liable in any way for any consequential or indirect loss, liability or damage or for any other claim for consequential compensation arising howsoever in connection with this hire, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Collingwood College Technical Hires is an aspect of Collingwood College JCR, University of Durham, South Road, DH1 3LT.